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21 days/pooh sticks/big butterflies

 Two of the things in the title are coming… one has been done:

two weeks ago we headed north for a field trip. Sadly I didn’t time things right and we ended up missing our group’s outing. Instead we went Go-Karting at an Amish restaurant (yes.), toured a hotel that was magnificent, ate ice cream and played pooh sticks in a crick. What more could we ask for?

 big butterflies:

I just bought poster board & tissue paper this morning so we can do this project this week. (found at Twig and Toadstool) Even though trees are starting to bud and there are some daffodils peeking upward we need some color! I may be more excited than the kids… probably.

21 days ~  prayer for sons.


 I’m not even sure how I happened upon Brooke’s blog (maybe through following twitter links…) but I’m thankful I did. She has put together a prayer guide and has set up a schedule for moms to be deep in prayer for their sons from April 1st until the 29th. It is a commitment of praying ten times a day for Parker.

 Aside from the 8th, on Fridays

I will be sharing how God is moving

 through the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons experience.  

I’m excited to learn what God has in store for us!




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