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31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Artist to Artist

***Today we are visiting one of our projects from 2009:

the best stuff
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The kids’ art group started nearly 10 months ago with the book artist to artist. We meet Tuesdays and “visited” nearly all of the artist in the book. You can see some of the results and books we explored here.
We finished the book and even held a gallery showing last month. Friends and family stopped by to admire everyone’s art. That was a blast, the little kids played downstairs, the older kids all piled into Grace’s room and adults gathered in the living room and kitchen. Loads of laughter, snacks and genuine apprecation of the kids’ work filled our home.
We decided to continue through the summer, meeting every other week. Now we are delving into many different styles of art.
We’ve done glue batik ~
more toucans
glue batik
This weeks feature artist is Grace!
They began working on a mixed media piece with this as inspiration , created by Grace in 2007.
the older kids started sorting through catalogs (mostly Magic Cabin)
to find a common theme (like “summer” in Grace’s example above), cut out three pictures, and then draw around them.
art group continues
Next time we met they will prep the foam board with acrylics and
decide what they can add to give their piece dimension. (like the shells) It will probably end up being a three week project.

***The Artist to Artist group was so much fun! We have done many art projects and classes since then, but that particular group is one of our favorites.
Artist to Artist is a fantastic book and a great springboard for exploring multimedia, pen & ink illustration, watercolors… so many techniques to learn. But really any picture book could be a springboard and any age can learn from the artist’s work!


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journaling, journaling, journaling, and more journaling…

This has been the year of journaling for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a journaler. Yet with the nudge of reading & beginning to understand/live the message of “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are” and also being a little more purposeful in my Charlotte Mason Education (read about keeping a book of mottoes) the occasional journaling has gone over the edge into a daily desire. I’m thankful.

So I currently have two journals. One is what I call my “big book of ideas” and the other is my “quotes journal”

Somehow I don’t have a picture of the cover, but this is the side. I use washi tape (which is pretty much my newest addiction) to bookmark all the different sections. The sections are: budgeting, meal planning, school planning & parenting, recording blessings & scripture studies, and lastly any art or doodles.

This is an example from my scripture studies, although it is simply a song by jj¬†heller that I’ve written out. It is called “Back Home” and a sweet friend of mine sang it for me at my last retreat weekend. We have played it together & I love joining in with some harmonies. The lyrics pull at me when I am having a difficult day.

This is school planning entry that I wrote out after reading a post on bravewriter. In fact, it was this post that I reblogged from Handmade Homeschool back on July 11th. It certainly made an impression on me & I wanted to work through it for our upcoming school year.

This is actually a scripture study & an art page. The reference is from a book I’m reading called “Having a Mary Spirit”. She mentions that we, like Eustace in the CS Lewis story “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” all need de-dragoning. When I read that an image immediately popped into my mind. This is just a rough draft, but it needed to go in my journal!

This is the inside front cover. I love the photo booth strip! We did that at the City Museum in St Louis, which was a fantastic day.

So these next few pages are from my quotes journal. I have a page for each month. Of course, I am never orderly, so this starts in April. But there are 12 nice thick watercolor pages, which is perfect for a year project. It is full of quotes on every topic & scriptures.
This is April:

this one from about mid-June, unfinished:

July (lots of words last month!):

and a peek at August:
I had to doodle on my thumb to keep the ink flowing because this page was prepped with watercolor crayon & the wax makes it difficult to ink on at times.

So there are some peeks inside my messy, crazy, joyful journals. I actually love them very much & I am thankful for the time I spend in those pages!!


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Craft Thursday

One thing I know I want to do this school year is have time set aside for art, crafts, etc..
I carved out time on Thursday three weeks ago & we’ve done it every week!

Week one:







Week two: (see the tea bag rocket link from Friday’s post)


Week three:



Lol I don’t remember what that face was about, but it happens!

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3/3 Sunday edition

Blank pages to be painted, inked, taped….

New book for our couples small group. I’ve only read a tiny bit but already finding good quotes:
“…the gospel- that is, the message of Christ crucified for sinners- relates to every moment of the believer’s life.”

and (fingers crossed) some spring planting…. we’re totally wannabe gardeners!
What three things are you enjoying right now?

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