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5 months

 I have had a gazillion post ideas running through my mind. ( my son, at a young age, once asked if a little man with a sign ran across my brain and out my ear when I said “running through my mind”)  But right here, right now, I need to post this, is it has been 5 months since the day I found out my best friend had cancer.

   This is the text I received that day. I’m saving it so we can delete it the day she is cancer-free. I went to chemo with her last week and sat, kind of amazed, kind of stunned at how quickly we’ve adapted to this new reality. There she sat, hooked up to a line, chairs around her filled with others hooked up… getting “juiced”. There we planned the summer with her kids, talked about next fall, house payments, cars that quit running, vacations… she hopped up, unplugged the unit and pushed it to the bathroom with her. I looked around at the others, sleeping, alone, with family, a teenager. She said how she thought it would be so much harder to go through “this”/ cancer/ chemo, if she was older. I said,  ” They probably think the same of you.” How is it really, that in 5 months one gets used to chemo appointments, sticks, shots, arranging a place for the kids… her sweet husband works nights, but has shifted his sleeping hours so he can take care of kids, go to chemo, drive them to school.. 5 months.

 One thing hasn’t changed in 5 months. Emily’s faith. She knows that God’s got her back, that He will be glorified through this trial. She never has doubted that. But as a bystander, I’ve been mad at God. What is He thinking? Really, cancer for a 35yo mother of two? But then I’ve learned to be still & trust that He will triumph, He will conquer this beast. 

 I have seen amazing things in my friend. She’s a people pleaser you see. Not one to rock the boat. But she’s learning to stand up for herself and her family & I like that.

 I’m proud of her & I’m learning from her.



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