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“like you, I’m cutting back on my virtual life so I can have a fuller reality…” said Sarah.

(I love this photo of the kids early one morning, I think it is so cute how they piled into the hallway)

 I emailed Sarah this week with apologizes for not keeping up via email or flickr or blog, and she replied with those kind, and very wise words.

So what has our reality been full of?
I’d love to share with you!

Day trips with family to St. Louis.
My husbands entire family spend a day at the Magic House!

Weekends at campLucy & Parker, Jon & I spent last weekend in the woods of Seymour, Indiana at Camp Lakeview. This will be the last year all four of us can go together because Lucy will be too old for this program next year.
This is one amazing camp!

Parker has been learning to read & he is doing very well. I had a hard time deciding what to use with him for reading as he shows some of the same struggles Grace did when she was younger. Finally I ditched all my “ideas” and pulled out the old pathway readers (which the girls love). We sat down on the front steps and just plugged away at each little sentence. Turns out he likes the book too & has set a personal goal to finish the book in 10 days! (not inlcuding weekends)
He’s also decided that when he finishes it he should get a new lego star wars toy.. sounds like a good plan to me.

We’ve kept up with our art group every other week throughout the summer as well. The kids seem to enjoy the projects & love time together with friends.
Many of the projects we do come from these two websites:
that artist woman
art projects for kids ~ Kathy has been doing a great series (for kids and adults!)on Art Journaling the last few weeks. Check it out!
I also use these book sources:
Art Treasury
New Artist’s Handbook

What have been the highlights of your summer? What about fall? Any new adventure coming your way?

Our fall will start with Lucy turning nine September 1st!
Then Grace, my mom and I will head to Chicago for a few days. The Museum of Science and Industry is hosting the Harry Potter Exhibit and we decided it was really too close to pass up.
After Chicago the kids and Nana will start planning for our annual halloween party, then Parker’s birthday and then holiday festivities begin! Maybe we can slow that train down a bit and just enjoy the here and now, eh?



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needing coffee.. new adventures…time to reflect

It’s just one of those mornings where I feel like I’m in need. Do you have those? So many things tumbling around in my head, I just need to do something different.
Do I need a change? Maybe a shift is around the corner and I’m sensing that. I do need some coffee, and maybe the little ones and I will take a road trip today. It’s Superman Days in Metropolis IL this weekend (2 hours away) maybe we’ll jump in the car and go.
Jonathan & Grace come home from Jamaica in two days. It has been such a weird week with them gone, and I just can’t wait to get them home again.

 So tell me, what do you do when you feel antsy like this? Do you get antsy? Are there times when you know you need a change, but not sure where to go with that feeling? Or is it really just about the coffee…. I wonder.


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