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Running after the ice cream truck

They heard the ice cream truck, but didn’t see it. No matter, they grabbed their stacks of quarters & flip flops & ran. Then asking, “Mom, can we run to the next street?” and I said yes. Almost 11 & 12, independence is beginning to be required.
Still no truck, but that blasted bell ringing somewhere close. I put down my book & go with them. We walked for blocks and never saw it, only heard it.
At this point we were closer to a coffee shop that we’d ever be to the ice cream truck…..

Their hours had changed unbeknownst to us. Good gravy, it’s almost dinner time, hot, sticky, thirsty & disappointed.
But then we round the corner … and yes!


I’m quite positive there is a lesson here.
One of chasing after something long gone?
Or maybe being tenacious?
Never give up!
Quite simply, “follow your dreams”.

I didn’t want to forget this moment in time, this afternoon of lesson learning for me too- drop the book, grab your shoes, go!


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at the table

SouleMama has a post this morning titled “at the table”  and she says the table is “truly a center for our family life. How the things upon it are so reflective of who and where are at any given moment.”. I am often inspired by Mrs Soule and her family life, but she today she has written words that are so dear to my heart. Our table is certainly the center of our family life as well. Image

The table came from my parents’ home. I believe they bought it in the mid 80s when I was in high school and we all loved it. When I got married and began having children I started asking mom for the table. I am an only child, so they had no need for that big long table and I had plans to fill it up 🙂  ~ made perfect sense to me!


So after a few years they let us bring the table home and fill it we have:


a gazillion art projects,


friends and music for sure,


and school of course.

I’m thankful for the table and what it means for us. Christ is the center of our family ~ this table, the center of our home.



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Hot Fun in the Summertime

I have this quiet fear…as I sit with my coffee, journals, laptop, candle lit & dirty dishes waiting.. the fear that I’ll wake up one morning in November and I’ll be in the same spot ~ kitchen table, coffee, journals, laptop, candle lit, dirty dishes waiting. I am so unmotivated.


They aren’t really fighting me on the subject either ~

Image  It has been a fantastic summer too with some trips, family time & days full of imagination.




The last two years of schooling have been so full. Hear me when I say, not bad just full. There have been extras for me in the form of more classes, weekend retreats, and odd jobs for the oldest (therefore driving for me). Truth is, there will always be extras in some form. I suppose I will realize that one day.

I know I won’t really keep this up until November, even if I have this quiet fear (which, in reality, I sort of cherish) September will arrive with it’s birthday, new schedule and added commitments..it will be welcomed by some and denied by others..

here’s to hoping I can enjoy my coffee.

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being sneaky

We have being reading aloud from the Lord of the Rings for the last few weeks. It is very slow going because of the ages & stages of these three…

they have various commitments & required school work, etc.
We end up getting a chapter or two in a week.
My sweet boy is loving this book & about every day reminds me that we could be reading (right now mom!) if everyone were available!
So tonight after he & his sister went to bed I snuck in his room with the book and read a chapter to him. He was against the idea at first, stating it wouldn’t be fair to the girls! But I assured him I wouldn’t skip anything when we read aloud together. Then he wouldn’t let me read past 9:00 because that’s lights out & he wanted to be obedient.
(be still my heart!!)
Oh how fun!!

I’m so not ready for the next several years to fly by.
I’m planning to be sneaky as possible with each of them. Making memories!

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1) Quill from Christmas being used as a tool for spelling.

2) SIXTEEN candles. Really – 16! A young adult, a sweetheart, my firstborn.

3) A little project for a friend’s birthday. Easy & sweet, I loved the simplicity of the quote. Tutorial posted here.

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1) afternoon art


2) october sunshine

3) remembering to play


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