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Christmas Collections

has a lovely Christmas tour of her house today & it is beautiful! All her sparkles & glittery goodness made me smile this morning.
I looked around my living room and thought I’d share our Christmas collection.

Our live tree, colorful lights & mishmash of ornaments… some handmade, some gifted, some handed down.

Our growing St. Nick collection.

Okay, so candy cane Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s aren’t actually part of our Christmas collection…. but they are a huge part of our Christmas tradition!
So are:

Christmas pajamas

Snowflakes hanging on our ever-changing wall

and the nativity atop the piano.
When I looked at that blog this morning I was so inspired & pumped to plan more decorations, more collections, more, more…
Then I stopped short.
My Pastor has been talking about not spending time & money acquiring things recently. His words rang in my mind.
We don’t need more. Not to judge that beautiful home at all – seriously, I loved it! But I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I did not need to add to our little Christmas collection.
What I did think of was this.
Which led me here –

This year we are buying 2 bibles for children.
It’s a small start, but I think I’d like this collection to grow.



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  Saint Nicholas Day is Monday. That means Sunday night our kids will be setting out their shoes (well probably their boots because they think they will be filled with more goodies that way) and we will be reading some stories about St Nicholas.

 One is called The Baker’s Dozen  in which a baker learns that by giving more of his own possessions, he will receive greater rewards. This is a great way to teach young children about the joy of giving, and about the life of St. Nicholas

There is a wonderful list of picture books for older children here  and younger children here at the Saint Nicholas Center.  I LOVE this website. There are games for kids, tons of history & stories about him from several countries. They also have a little shop that offers prayer cards, ornaments, buttons,  St Nick items from Germany & England and:                                                                                                                                Cookie Cutters~!

 waiting for icing ~ crosses on the hats

and a crozier (staff).

 So today (on thankful Thursdayish) I am thankful for St Nicholas & the example he set of being generous, for fun family traditions, &  for yummy ginger cookies.

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