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Hello Monday


Hello to book discussion with friends! This time it’s all online, but still good. 7 of us are reading through Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education & this week we’re on chapter 5. I loved this passage particularly. Written in the early ’20s Miss Mason was THEN worried about entertainment. She also talked about how awards systems don’t work within the classroom, that the students only retain what they need to know for the reward & then it’s gone. I haven’t used too many rewards with our children, in regards to schoolwork. But with what little we have done, I agree with her.


Still quoting & learning from the book One Thousand Gifts. I’m surprised the few readers I have, haven’t said- “Enough already!!”, but it has turned into a process for me. I’ve read it & listened to it, and journaled about it, given away copies & listened to particular chapters again.
We were taught the ACTS model of prayer several years ago at our church.
Thinking through those steps improved my prayer life for sure, and I think the message of 1,000gifts has done something similar. Learning to give thanks in any given moment ( good, bad, ugly, beautiful) opens a floodgate of an ACTS prayer. Being in constant communication with the one living God is the biggest blessing!
It is the living of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


And Hello to this little redhead with “boing-boing curls” turning twelve. Inconceivable!!!!!!
This kiddo kicked & bounced in utero, jumped at loud noises even. She would coo & giggle to herself as an infant from day one. She loved on her little brother and trailed her big sister, they would gather all manner of stuffed toys and play “boat” in our big-overstuffed chair.
She has grown into a lanky, strong swimmer & excellent student who always has a sparkle in her eye & a heart for the Lord. And she is turning twelve Saturday!
Let the birthday week commence!


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The Tom Sawyer Birthday!

Parker decided way back in spring that he wanted his birthday party

to be a “Tom Sawyer” party this year. Truth be told,

I wasn’t even going to have a friend party for him… but who can resist

such an excellent idea??

It was his idea that everyone dress up in “old-time clothes”

and I thought we could play either games that

related to the story of Tom Sawyer or games

that Tom would have played when he was a kid.

In the photo above they are playing, “Button Button Who’s Got the Button”.

(they are on the newly finished floor ~ did you notice?)

We also played Frog Detective which was one

of the kids’ favorite games.

Then we went outside where I had chairs already

set up to play “Winkum” which was a smashing success!

Then we came inside for some

cave (fort) building!

Parker’s friend Jackson hiding out

I’m sure this must be Tom & Huck!

It was a great birthday!!


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