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Thankful Thursday-ish

 Time has totally slipped away from me this week. It is really Saturday!? Good heavens.  This week I am thankful for my boy. He’s witty, super creative, and kind. I am excited for him because tomorrow he will have 10 friends over for his birthday! He has been planning this since spring when he listened to Tom Sawyer for his book club. He is having a Tom Sawyer themed party & has asked his guests to dress up like “old times”. We’ll play some old games like Button, Button, Who Has the Button?  and leap-frog. I will also have jacks, pick up sticks & marbles out for anyone to play. Another activity I have planned is to divide the kids into three groups in three different rooms, and have blankets, chairs & stools in those rooms & have a building a “cave” (fort) contest. Remember Tom & Huck go to the cave &  find Injun Joe’s treasure? It should be fun! (and I’m pretty sure I’ll be thankful when it’s all done 😉


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Thankful Thursday

                Today I am thankful that my children are right where they are. Sometimes they doubt themselves & their abilities, but I’m so thankful that they have time to grown into their own. They are able to choose what they want to explore & take part in & I am thankful for the lesson that I have learned by learning to  trust them.  I shared a story today with a friend about a time when I didn’t understand my daughter as well as I probably should have. A time when my demands for her focus & “performance” topped her desire & ability (in that moment).  I was trying to explain that we have to trust our kids right where they are and back off…be understanding…. listen to what they are really saying.  I’m sure that my friend misunderstood, she kind of glossed over & replied with a “typical” parental comment.  “Well, if she acted like that now though….”  

though… really, not the point. It doesn’t matter at what age, because if our children aren’t ready for something or if they are embarrassed, shy, or confused, the point is to reach out to them. To take the pressure of the situation off of them & let them face that embarrassment, shyness, or confusion in their own time.  That’s something to be thankful for on both of our accounts.       



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