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31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: An Unexpected Gift

Dyslexia a gift?
My daughter will scoff and I can’t blame her. I don’t imagine she can see the gift. In fact, I’m fairly certain she might never see dyslexia as a gift. But dyslexia has been a gift to me and in turn, has made me a better mother to her and to her siblings.
Learning to parent a child with dyslexia meant examining my preconceived notions of what her interests would be, her education & learning style, and my life plans & goals.
We had decided to homeschool when she was quite young, therefore, homeschooling meant finger painting, reading about Jesse Bear, talking about Jesus, and going to the zoo. Good times! Fun & easy! We were golden until the time came when I thought she should be reading.

She was such a little bean, and I had so much to learn. We plugged away with pathway readers, explode the code workbooks, sing spell read & write curriculum, read alouds, wizardspell, computer games, posters, board games, blocks…..are you getting worn out reading the list? We certainly got worn out trying to achieve the list. She would do the work, many times in tears, we would spend far too long on each assignment, I would push far too hard….
It is a sad memory for me & I’m certain sadder for her.

Hear this, “she would do the work”.
If I could have seen she was doing it, maybe I could have slowed down. But no.
Although she was doing the work, it didn’t stick. It took years before anything stuck. Not her fault. Not my fault.
I did eventually wake up from my homeschool mommy fog. We slowed down. I apologized for pushing too hard. I acknowledged things she said. I read aloud, we loved good books, we played. I remembered to breathe.

Dyslexia taught me to know & love my children right where they are for exactly who they are. Some parents never learn that.

Has she conquered dyslexia? No. I’m not sure one ever fully can. We both have learned to live with dyslexic quirks, not to bite off more than she can chew and to not be defeated by dyslexia.
How can I not be grateful?
(originally posted 11/2011)


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Craft Thursday

One thing I know I want to do this school year is have time set aside for art, crafts, etc..
I carved out time on Thursday three weeks ago & we’ve done it every week!

Week one:







Week two: (see the tea bag rocket link from Friday’s post)


Week three:



Lol I don’t remember what that face was about, but it happens!

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Saturday night after devotions, I tucked my youngest two in for the night & told them to stay in bed in the morning as I was treating them to breakfast in bed! Their eyes lit up, I got extra hugs. So very sweet! I don’t think I have ever given them this treat before.



I made mini pancakes & fruit kabobs with donut balls from The Fresh Market (they were my favorite!!)
I didn’t use my husband’s pancake recipe and I totally should have, the kids agree! He makes pancakes with orange juice instead of milk and they are the best! Next time for sure.
So why is this post called “Listening”? Well it dawned on me the other day that all three of my children have offered to make me breakfast in bed a gazilion times. While I’ve certainly let them & pretended to enjoy the buttered burnt toast 😉 I really don’t like it at all. It doesn’t even have anything to do with burnt toast. I’m just not a breakfast in bed person. I like getting up at a certain time & doing certain things… routine. (it’s my favorite)
I realized though that they would probably love it. I was actually thinking about how sometimes we get presents that we *know* the gifter really picked for them… We all know someone like that, right? At any rate, I was reminded to listen to what others enjoy, be aware of things they are excited about & the whole breakfast in bed deal popped into my mind.
It was well worth it & I am trying to be more aware of other little ideas I might find in our every day conversations.

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Hello Monday





Hello Monday ~ hello new week, lots of schedules, kids with more plans than me!
Hello to a dear friend’s visit! It’s been too long, and will be too short, but it will be!
Good-bye Mother’s day with family, an outdoor concert & some Scrabble.
And hello to the card game, Top Trumps! We have been having a blast playing the Star Wars spaceships version! Each card has a list of stats & the goal of the game is to compare these stats in order to try to trump and win an opponent’s card. It’s a game that all five of us can play in 15 minutes (say while we’re waiting at a restaurant).
They have many different themes and the kids have already requested more,
Ancient Egypt, Harry Potter (4 different versions) and more Star Wars (5 versions)!
I’m always thankful to find something we all can enjoy!

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{this moment}

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


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Stack of stuff & Lots of links

Today a friend of mine & her daughters came over. The kids immediately took off from the front door straight through the house & out the back.
The mom looked at me and said, “Can I please look at the math you are using?”
Haven’t we all had those days? I’ve certainly wanted to stick my nose into the books lining the shelves at my friends’ homes. So we sat down & looked at math (Teaching textbooks for 4th & 5th grade and Life of Fred math as a supplement, and Kinetic math for high school)
She was so thankful to be able to see it all first hand instead of guessing what it might be like from a website.
Next she wanted to know about language arts. Well, I’ve always been a bit eclectic so I had to pull out a stack of stuff.
( Rip the Page, Language Lessons, English from the roots up, Learning Language through Literature and One Year Adventure Novel for high school )
How often to we need conventions & how often do we need a cup of coffee & a listening ear? How often are we afraid to be judged so we say nothing, or we ask nothing?
I’d just like to encourage you to be willing to allow people to stick their noses in your books. Share what works & what doesn’t. Listen to each other’s struggles. Yes there are conventions & forums & paid professionals, but nothing beats a friend & a cup of coffee.

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Save Share Spend

Today I had Lucy & Parker make up their own “giving bank” with some jars from the recycling. I had seen some on Pinterest that I liked but they had chalkboard stickers on them. The kids were often forgetting their offering for church and the other day Parker tried to use some of his offering for Legos. I figured it was time for a talk and some organization.
We made the labels & used some cute washi tape to adhere them to the jars. Then we talked about what a tithe is & how much of their allowance to set aside for that, spending & saving.
Cute, quick & easy!

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