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GTED 23 & 24

Prepping for the Thanksgiving meal began last night with another caramel apple cheesecake (I’m addicted) and continues this morning with pumpkin pie & green bean casserole. We’ll head over to mom & dad’s around noon & enjoy an amazing meal with family.
Lovely & traditional! We’re all looking forward to the day.

For my thanks today, I’m going to keep it simple,the truth is right here:20111124-080636.jpg
There is nothing
to be more thankful for.

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GTED 21 & 22





Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. ~Phyllis Dillar

I’m thankful for the mess!!

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GTED 19 & 20/ the gift of dyslexia

The gift of dyslexia? My daughter will scoff and I can’t blame her. I don’t imagine she can see it as a gift and I’m fairly certain she might never see dyslexia as a gift. But dyslexia has been a gift to me and in turn, has made me a better mother to her and to her siblings.
Learning to parent a child with dyslexia meant examining my preconceived notions of what her interests would be, her education & learning style, and my life plans & goals.
We had decided to homeschool when she was quite young, therefore, homeschooling meant finger painting, reading about Jesse Bear, talking about Jesus, and going to the zoo. Good times! Fun & easy! We were golden until the time came when I thought she should be reading.

She was such a little bean, and I had so much to learn. We plugged away with pathway readers, explode the code workbooks, sing spell read & write curriculum, read alouds, wizardspell, computer games, posters, board games, blocks…..are you getting worn out reading the list? We certainly got worn out trying to achieve the list. She would do the work, many times in tears, we would spend far too long on each assignment, I would push far too hard….
It is a sad memory for me & I’m certain sadder for her.

Hear this, “she would do the work”.
If I could have seen she was doing it, maybe I could have slowed down. But no.
Although she was doing the work, it didn’t stick. It took years before anything stuck. Not her fault. Not my fault.
I did eventually wake up from my homeschool mommy fog. We slowed down. I apologized for pushing too hard. I acknowledged things she said. I read aloud, we loved good books, we played. I remembered to breathe.

Dyslexia taught me to know & love my children right where they are for exactly who they are. Some parents never learn that.

Has she conquered dyslexia? No. I’m not sure one ever fully can. We both have learned to live with dyslexic quirks, not to bite off more than she can chew and to not be defeated by dyslexia.
How can I not be grateful?


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I’m thankful for the kids finding their own niche.







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Today I’m thankful for our sweet pets! They bring so much joy 🙂



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Today I am thankful for impromptu field trips!





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I’m thankful that even on days I feel icky, there are chocolate chip cookies.
(who’s with me??)

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