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Summer in pictures…

I don’t know what happened to June or July- I think someone stole them from my calendar.
I have some blog plans – loose plans- but plans nonetheless.
For now ~ our summer:









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Hot Fun in the Summertime

I have this quiet fear…as I sit with my coffee, journals, laptop, candle lit & dirty dishes waiting.. the fear that I’ll wake up one morning in November and I’ll be in the same spot ~ kitchen table, coffee, journals, laptop, candle lit, dirty dishes waiting. I am so unmotivated.


They aren’t really fighting me on the subject either ~

Image  It has been a fantastic summer too with some trips, family time & days full of imagination.




The last two years of schooling have been so full. Hear me when I say, not bad just full. There have been extras for me in the form of more classes, weekend retreats, and odd jobs for the oldest (therefore driving for me). Truth is, there will always be extras in some form. I suppose I will realize that one day.

I know I won’t really keep this up until November, even if I have this quiet fear (which, in reality, I sort of cherish) September will arrive with it’s birthday, new schedule and added commitments..it will be welcomed by some and denied by others..

here’s to hoping I can enjoy my coffee.

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