I find myself tripping over legos, sorting stacks of books and wading through arts supplies daily. At some point I realized that we are not just a “homeschooling family”, we are blessed beyond measure to use each day to the fullest:
to explore.
to learn.
to create.
to be a blessing.
to encourage.
to grow.
We love art, music, books, and games. My constant goal is to love and encourage my kids & others, though I do fail miserably at times. We are a Lutheran family attending at an LCMS church. I know that I can always trust the Lord has all things in control, even when I am at a loss.
I’m blogging to record our days. If you are inspired or encouraged by something you read here, I consider that a bonus!
I would be happy to answer emails at hsmom2luge at yahoo dot com!



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