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One Busy Week!

This has been one of our busiest weeks in a long time!

Monday morning was filled with appointments and we found out Grace will have her braces off the first week in January!
We also had a blast baby-sitting both Reese & Regan in the afternoon.
 Tuesday we had the fall concert for our co-op. Dress rehearsal in the
morning (for me too as I now teach a beginning guitar class) & concert that night.

the string ensemble

Wednesday we had our first Christmas school group ~ it was really fun! We talked about advent and drew this picture I found at Art Projects for Kids. We also started on some projects that will be gifts for others.

 Reese & Grace
Thursday was pretty quiet in the morning, but the Christmas formal was that night, so by afternoon there was much primping going on!

Grace & her friend Elizabeth

Then yesterday we had our second day of Christmas school. The older kids could all make it that day & we read The Legend of the Candy Cane, made cookies, and started another gift  project.
 So on this “Thankful Thursdayish” I am thankful for a fun busy week with lots of friends ~ and looking forward to the quiet days approaching!

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Thankful Thursdayish (again)

That’s probably going to be my official title  ~ Thursdayish…. one of my quirks is that no matter how hard I try to be disciplined about a routine, I fail. Sure there are somethings I do consistently, but my selfish side still seems to rise to the top. One little thing to work on each day, right?

 So this week I am thankful for a little break. Last week I was talking to my mom and telling her how I was really feeling spent & rushed & needed a break. It’s not cool that Lucy got chicken pox (except now she will have a natural immunity & I am ever EVER so thankful for that!) but it is cool that we got to rest, read, & stay home for nearly an entire week.  A silver lining!

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