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Day 8

If anyone would have told me 20 years ago that I would be a music teacher I probably would have laughed out loud.
I was on a completely different career path then.
But then The Lord changed the direction of my
life and gave me new avenues to explore.
Today I’m thankful that The Lord determines
my path!

some of my students playing a silly
statues game!

at an all-city play-in with friends this past fall


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10 things

As I’ve only posted 5 weeks of {this moment} recently, I thought I’d better take some time to share this morning! It’s been a busy “season” and while I’m thankful I can quickly document something each Friday I don’t intend that to be the only posts I share.
So today I’ll post ten topics with details and perhaps that will kick-start some more writing in this space!

As a family we are watching The Amazing Race & Survivor, Jon and I die over Modern Family each week and the kids and I finished this last season of Face Off recently.

Listening to: Carbon Leaf’s album, “Christmas Child“, it is one of my all time favorite Christmas albums. Also Bob Dylan’s new album Tempest. When I saw my favorite blogger, Gene Veith, was excited about a Dylan album, I bought it right away & love it. Still kicking myself for missing his concert here last year.

Planning: our “handmade” Christmas. This year we are hand making all our ornaments, a advent calendar & maybe a few other things as well.

Thinking about: much. The book 7 has stuck with me, even though I did NOT like the author’s writing style. Basically the theme is we have too much & do too much and I can’t disagree with that. The author focuses on seven areas, each one for a month, and records her journey. When she only ate 7 foods for a month I thought it ridiculous. When she composted, gardened, purged items from the house, and only ate at home for a month I thought “we do that”. But as we plan Christmas and do some shopping I really find myself pausing even more and thinking about what the kids (and I) want/have/need.
I think this is going to be a less-is-more Christmas.

Loving: my quotes journal. (photos from this month below) I started this in April because I wanted to remember so much of Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, and writing/doodling seems to be the only way I remember things lately. Since April I have written quotes from books (and sometimes blogs) I read each month in this little watercolor notebook & it is now something I treasure. And something I’ve done consistently.

Stressing about: finishing up this semester of our co-op and the concert. As always at this time of year, I’m ready for a break.

Looking forward to: the advent season, St Louis trip this Christmas, hubby’s vacation week!

Reading: Genesis (NIV), Seasons of a Mother’s Heart, & The Casual Vacancy.

Making me happy: looking forward to some of the Christmas plans we have!

Making me thankful:
time with family,
laughing hysterically while playing “The Game of Things“, Grace’s new job (that I know the Lord lined up for her!)





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