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The Tough Times

I know, two posts in one day.. can you stand it? Well, this is something I have been wanting to blog about for a while. Two months ago to the day my best friend Emily was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Oddly enough it was a year ago that Andrea was diagnosed. Here’s the amazing connection. I had been listening to Andrea and Mark’s podcast, Just One More Book, for quite a while & then followed her journey on their blog. She had just posted the “Good, the Bad & the Ugly” of her decisions made during her treatment 11 days after Emily found out. Once we sunk into this new thing, this odd reality of a best friend with cancer, that post started rattling around in my brain. I finally shared it with Emily & what a blessing. It’s not that they will make the same decisions, it’s that there is a real person out there who has walked the same path & felt the same feelings. The information Andrea and Mark have put on their website is extremely valuable. I’m so thankful!!

Thus far in Emily’s walk she’s had a lumpectomy & first round of chemo. Last friday we had a head-shaving party… I spent most of friday afternoon crying, partially because she would be loosing her hair soon & partially because she had an infection & that scared the hell out of me. Thankfully it is shingles, which is by no means fun.. but is not as threatening as it could be. I needn’t have worried though, the hair party went super well & the drs are on top of everything.

Her sweet baby girls were the delight of all at the party & took everything in stride,

Reese even helped by holding momma’s ponytails while I snipped them. I don’t remember how many ponytails we cut, but they will all be donated to locks of love.

Emily has walked with me for over fourteen years now. We’ve been through so much ~ men, dating, weddings, babies, losses, deaths…..and now cancer. Well, as we are fond of saying ~ “The name of Cancer is inferior to the name of JESUS” and we are going to walk step by step with Christ & each other for this journey.

And can I just say, girl is rocking the bald look!! ❤



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