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31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Artist to Artist project

One day when our Artist to Artist group met back in 2009, we took inspiration from books by Leo Lionni.
artist to artist

The younger set of kids really took to the chameleon story, A Color of His Own. I made a stencil out of cardboard ahead of time so they could sponge paint their own chameleons.
more Leo Lionni inspiration

As soon as Grace & I saw the marbled illustrations in Pezzettino and Mr. McMouse we wanted to try that out!!

It ended up being super easy.
1 cup starch
1/4 tsp. alum
drops of acrylic paint
copy paper

mix the liquid starch and alum, then add the drops of paint. The first photo shows one of our artist swirling the colors.
It’s best to have at least one dark color with your lighter colors.
Swirl them around with a wooden skewer, comb, feather, or tip of a knife.
Then lay your paper on the surface of the starch for just a few seconds then rinse under running tap water.
Marbleized paper
Let them dry for 2 hours.

One idea for the prepped paper is to cut out letters:
marbleized results
We will use the other marbleized pages to accent other pictures inspired by Leo Lionni!

from the class~

Frederick inspsiration


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31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Artist to Artist

***Today we are visiting one of our projects from 2009:

the best stuff
Originally uploaded by hsmom2luge

The kids’ art group started nearly 10 months ago with the book artist to artist. We meet Tuesdays and “visited” nearly all of the artist in the book. You can see some of the results and books we explored here.
We finished the book and even held a gallery showing last month. Friends and family stopped by to admire everyone’s art. That was a blast, the little kids played downstairs, the older kids all piled into Grace’s room and adults gathered in the living room and kitchen. Loads of laughter, snacks and genuine apprecation of the kids’ work filled our home.
We decided to continue through the summer, meeting every other week. Now we are delving into many different styles of art.
We’ve done glue batik ~
more toucans
glue batik
This weeks feature artist is Grace!
They began working on a mixed media piece with this as inspiration , created by Grace in 2007.
the older kids started sorting through catalogs (mostly Magic Cabin)
to find a common theme (like “summer” in Grace’s example above), cut out three pictures, and then draw around them.
art group continues
Next time we met they will prep the foam board with acrylics and
decide what they can add to give their piece dimension. (like the shells) It will probably end up being a three week project.

***The Artist to Artist group was so much fun! We have done many art projects and classes since then, but that particular group is one of our favorites.
Artist to Artist is a fantastic book and a great springboard for exploring multimedia, pen & ink illustration, watercolors… so many techniques to learn. But really any picture book could be a springboard and any age can learn from the artist’s work!

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21 days/pooh sticks/big butterflies

 Two of the things in the title are coming… one has been done:

two weeks ago we headed north for a field trip. Sadly I didn’t time things right and we ended up missing our group’s outing. Instead we went Go-Karting at an Amish restaurant (yes.), toured a hotel that was magnificent, ate ice cream and played pooh sticks in a crick. What more could we ask for?

 big butterflies:

I just bought poster board & tissue paper this morning so we can do this project this week. (found at Twig and Toadstool) Even though trees are starting to bud and there are some daffodils peeking upward we need some color! I may be more excited than the kids… probably.

21 days ~  prayer for sons.


 I’m not even sure how I happened upon Brooke’s blog (maybe through following twitter links…) but I’m thankful I did. She has put together a prayer guide and has set up a schedule for moms to be deep in prayer for their sons from April 1st until the 29th. It is a commitment of praying ten times a day for Parker.

 Aside from the 8th, on Fridays

I will be sharing how God is moving

 through the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons experience.  

I’m excited to learn what God has in store for us!



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G’bye 2010

 our favorite memories from 2010

looking forward to all the new year brings!
Happy New Year everyone!

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The Cabin Fail…. pox

 We went away Friday with our whole family ~ aunts, uncles, cousins, Nana…….

We played & ate & laughed & then suddenly:

 I wish her sweet little freckled face still only had a few pox, but bless her heart ~ she is covered. We’re on day 4 today & hopefully they will start crusting over & the fever will break tonight.
Parker has not succumbed yet, but one can only assume that within days he’ll be in the same boat.

            I can’t say the same for Batman.


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so… not much blogging this year apparently.

 How is it that life gets so busy I don’t get a chance to blog, reflect, record our days? Well…..  I do spend online time on Facebook, for certain I do. It’s the Scrabble, the quick iPod check, the seeing & hearing from old, new and bestest friends. Yet the days not getting recorded? I’m not happy about that.

                We have fallen into our daily rhythms.. swimming, practicing, reading, studying…  which isn’t bad, but I have to make sure we include days like these, where we have friends over & have time to doodle, trace, create, hang out, share our inspirations!

 We also need time to slip into far away places & times.. to delve into imaginations & recreate history.

      If you’ve stopped by to check out my blog, let me know! If you’re a homeschooler, leave a comment about your school year. If you’re a mom, leave a comment about things you know your children need time to do. If you’re an artist, leave a comment about or link to your inspirations!


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“like you, I’m cutting back on my virtual life so I can have a fuller reality…” said Sarah.

(I love this photo of the kids early one morning, I think it is so cute how they piled into the hallway)

 I emailed Sarah this week with apologizes for not keeping up via email or flickr or blog, and she replied with those kind, and very wise words.

So what has our reality been full of?
I’d love to share with you!

Day trips with family to St. Louis.
My husbands entire family spend a day at the Magic House!

Weekends at campLucy & Parker, Jon & I spent last weekend in the woods of Seymour, Indiana at Camp Lakeview. This will be the last year all four of us can go together because Lucy will be too old for this program next year.
This is one amazing camp!

Parker has been learning to read & he is doing very well. I had a hard time deciding what to use with him for reading as he shows some of the same struggles Grace did when she was younger. Finally I ditched all my “ideas” and pulled out the old pathway readers (which the girls love). We sat down on the front steps and just plugged away at each little sentence. Turns out he likes the book too & has set a personal goal to finish the book in 10 days! (not inlcuding weekends)
He’s also decided that when he finishes it he should get a new lego star wars toy.. sounds like a good plan to me.

We’ve kept up with our art group every other week throughout the summer as well. The kids seem to enjoy the projects & love time together with friends.
Many of the projects we do come from these two websites:
that artist woman
art projects for kids ~ Kathy has been doing a great series (for kids and adults!)on Art Journaling the last few weeks. Check it out!
I also use these book sources:
Art Treasury
New Artist’s Handbook

What have been the highlights of your summer? What about fall? Any new adventure coming your way?

Our fall will start with Lucy turning nine September 1st!
Then Grace, my mom and I will head to Chicago for a few days. The Museum of Science and Industry is hosting the Harry Potter Exhibit and we decided it was really too close to pass up.
After Chicago the kids and Nana will start planning for our annual halloween party, then Parker’s birthday and then holiday festivities begin! Maybe we can slow that train down a bit and just enjoy the here and now, eh?


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