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so… not much blogging this year apparently.

 How is it that life gets so busy I don’t get a chance to blog, reflect, record our days? Well…..  I do spend online time on Facebook, for certain I do. It’s the Scrabble, the quick iPod check, the seeing & hearing from old, new and bestest friends. Yet the days not getting recorded? I’m not happy about that.

                We have fallen into our daily rhythms.. swimming, practicing, reading, studying…  which isn’t bad, but I have to make sure we include days like these, where we have friends over & have time to doodle, trace, create, hang out, share our inspirations!

 We also need time to slip into far away places & times.. to delve into imaginations & recreate history.

      If you’ve stopped by to check out my blog, let me know! If you’re a homeschooler, leave a comment about your school year. If you’re a mom, leave a comment about things you know your children need time to do. If you’re an artist, leave a comment about or link to your inspirations!



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