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a day in the life

homeschool moms at the Y
Every single week day is different in our home. I mean typically Mondays are all the same & Tuesdays run about the same but Monday & Tuesday are pretty different, as are Wednesday – Friday.
Is this normal? I have no idea, I just plug away & try to keep our evenings free 🙂
I’m going to pick our busiest day to share , Tuesday.
I’m up at 6:00 and if my husband & I are good, we get right up and workout. If not I stay in bed until 6:30 when I have to wake our youngest two for homeschool swim at the YMCA.
I usually wake my teen around 6:45 to join us. She doesn’t swim but we walk the track with another friend & she has time to hang out after class with her friend.

Grace with her littlest charge
We leave the Y a bit after 9 & drop the teen off for her babysitting job at church. She has had this job for 3 years and loves it.
While she is babysitting the other two get showers, breakfast & start on music & math.

I coined the 9 o’clock hour “music & math” for them several years ago. My goal was to get them in the routine of one of them starting on math for the day while the other practices an instrument. They swap subjects when they are done. We only have one computer & use teaching textbooks for math, so this works well. (and yes, I love teaching textbooks!)
Grace is done by 11:15 and I run to pick her up, often swinging by Subway on the way home. We don’t eat out every week for lunch, but it’s always a treat when we do.
We’ll eat and have 10:00 stop. Right now our devotion time includes reading from the small catachism & studying Genesis.
After lunch Grace practices cello, which is something we’ve done since she was really young. I would forget to have her practice & get so ticked for spending money on lessons when she was getting nothing out of it. I read Dr Suzuki’s book and he says to “only practice on the days you eat”, I knew I wouldn’t forget to eat, so I scheduled her practices then! 10 + years later & it is really automatic for her!
The next couple of hours are filled with more math, geography, language arts, creative writing & science. If anyone is curious what curriculum we use I’ll be happy to add links. I have always been an eclectic homeschooler. 🙂

At 2:30 cello lessons start for Parker. Thankfully the teacher lives nearby so I can take him while Lucy finishes up her day & Grace keeps plugging away. At 3:15 I pick up Parker & drop off Grace. Parker & Lucy are officially done with school at this point and will be ready for any number of things like: snack, t.v., video game, playing outside, etc.
When Grace gets back from her lesson we will finish up school & then she will either chill out in front of the t.v., call a friend & meet for a walk (we have an ice cream store & a coffee shop a few blocks away & they love to hang out there) , run errands with me or help me make dinner.

We have “no screens” between 5 & 7, so depending on when dinner is done we will either play a card game together or maybe go off on our own to read, play, draw, listen to music or podcasts, etc.
Some books we are reading currently are:
Time Cat
Roller Skates
Hunger Games
One on One: behind the scenes with the greats of the games (nice interview with the author)
Our favorite podcasts are:
Two Johns Podcast
Survivor fans podcast
Creative Mom podcast
Grammar Girl
And some music we’re enjoying:
Bob Dylan
Carbon Leaf
Bret Dennen
Micheal Franti & Spearhead
Juno soundtrack
Hans Zimmer (the best of)
Laura Marling
At 7:00 we usually gather in the living room & watch about an hour of t.v. or so, the the youngest ones head to bed for read aloud with Jon and in the next couple of hours the three of us trickle off to bed for the evening.
Wednesday brings a new schedule & thankfully, much less running around!




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