31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: When Burnout Happens

This week we have taken Kara’s advice to Step Out & honestly, it was just the thing we needed. We stopped being slaves to our schedule and traipsed through the woods.





Typically we have our “Holy Monday” and then Tuesday through Friday our time is divided up with lessons, school work & classes. I made a choice to scale back and eliminate what I could.
I’ve found that after 15 yrs homeschooling & worrying about high school round 2 & 3 looming, I have burned myself out especially with all the extras. I teach in our co-op, lead a Jr high group weekly, teach out of our home, run kids to lessons & swimming…
I let it become all too much. Therefore, I’m beginning the downsizing process. If I can’t slow time I can at least enjoy the time we have together. I’ve dropped the kids swimming for now adding hikes, bike trails, dog walks, things we can do together instead. I’m finishing off the group in the spring & I’m trying fervently to add read aloud back into our days. Small steps over several months that I hope will renew me.



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