31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Currently


wishing the Cards had had a better outcome this year. Looking forward to next!

listening to Issues Etc.

finishing Emily of New Moon.

wearing Ike & Co earrings.

making meal plans for the week.

sharing a blog you should be reading! Lots of great book reviews & lists.

going to read Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs.

learning my limits.

deciding we need an art day soon! Usually we have art Thursday afternoon but the last few Thursdays have been very busy. I’m definitely ready to do an autumn project with the kids.

heading into the homes stretch with our homeschool. It seems impossible that they will all be done in 5 years.

appreciating the ages of my children. My father is in the hospital right now & they are doing their schoolwork independently while I sit with him.

looking forward to the holiday season, celebrating with, cooking, treating & caring for my family.

enjoying a few quiet minutes while my dad rests.

feeling grateful for so many praying friends.

loving on my family.

knowing the Lord knows all things & is in control.

laughing with my folks over silly things.

thinking about choices I need to make.

fighting a very old and bad habit of making poor food choices.

saying lots of prayers.

feeling loved.



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2 responses to “31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Currently

  1. deirdreokeating

    The parallels of our lives are a bit uncanny to me! I just bought Emily of New Moon in August; I just discovered Modern Mrs. Darcy this year and love her blog (bet we both found it via Tsh’s podcast!); my dad too is in the hospital, and I too am struggling with my fondness for sugar+flour.

    I’ve been attempting the 31 day challenge, but will be lucky if I manage 20 posts this month. Love all the inspiration you share here!

    • 3kinder

      Deirdre ~ wow, you’re not kidding! I am loving Emily of New Moon & MMD has become one of my favorite blogs. I think you’re right, it was the podcast. I’m missing that a bit right now while she travels!
      Prayers for your dad, it is sometimes difficult to be in this “sandwich generation”.
      I have fallen a couple of days behind in the 31 day challenge, but hoping to catch up at the end! Blessings to you friend.

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