31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Listening

After discussing Words this week, I thought Listening was an appropriate theme to visit. This post is originally from June of 2012:

Saturday night after devotions, I tucked my youngest two in for the night & told them to stay in bed in the morning as I was treating them to breakfast in bed! Their eyes lit up, I got extra hugs. So very sweet! I don’t think I have ever given them this treat before.



I made mini pancakes & fruit kabobs with donut balls from The Fresh Market (they were my favorite!!)
I didn’t use my husband’s pancake recipe and I totally should have, the kids agree! He makes pancakes with orange juice instead of milk and they are the best! Next time for sure.
So why is this post called “Listening”? Well it dawned on me the other day that all three of my children have offered to make me breakfast in bed a gazilion times. While I’ve certainly let them & pretended to enjoy the buttered burnt toast 😉 I really don’t like it at all. It doesn’t even have anything to do with burnt toast. I’m just not a breakfast in bed person. I like getting up at a certain time & doing certain things… routine. (it’s my favorite)
I realized though that they would probably love it. I was actually thinking about how sometimes we get presents that we *know* the gifter really picked for them… We all know someone like that, right? At any rate, I was reminded to listen to what others enjoy, be aware of things they are excited about & the whole breakfast in bed deal popped into my mind.
It was well worth it & I am trying to be more aware of other little ideas I might find in our every day conversations.


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