31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Making Meals

A super easy step by step:
1) training
The most fun way to introduce cooking to your children is to sit at the table with your family’s favorite cookie recipe & read. Read the ingredient list & let the children grab the ingredients. Read the directions & watch them measure & mix. Do Not get up! Most of the training comes in mom being supportive and giving guidance from the table as the kiddos learn by doing.
2) shop
Show them how expensive everything is, how to get the best for your money, how to make wise & delicious choices in the grocery store. But also be willing to get something they choose and you typically wouldn’t.
3) explore
Be willing to try new & different recipes yourself. Have a “you pick dinner night” where the kids can choose the meal you make for everyone.
Steps 1-3 prepare your kids for making meals themselves! When they are fully capable to make a full meal for your family, hand over the reigns for the day. Of course you should be willing to help, but Momma, if you can release some control they will learn.
Allow them a budget, ask them to plan the meal, shop & cook. It’s a big step toward independence and a fantastic learning experience.



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2 responses to “31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Making Meals

  1. rebekah carter

    I love these ideas, def going to try out with the boys!

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