31 Days of Creative Homeschooling: Reading Challenge

This past spring I sat down at my table, cut a piece of paper into a square & drew a chart. My children had stacks of books they wanted to read, I had stacks of books I wanted to read and none of us were making the stacks any shorter.
I challenged the kids to 30 days of reading, 30 minutes each day. I scattered rewards on a few of the days ~ double dip ice cream cones, new book day & target cash!
When double dip cone day came along I treated them to ice cream from our local ice cream shop & new book day had us all at Barnes & Noble browsing shelves. Target cash found us with new Nerf gun bullets & a few more Legos.
After day 30 everyone was ready to do it again. We have switched it up a little every time adding different requirements such as 45 minutes instead of 30, a nonfiction book, and a book of the bible. We’ve also switched up the rewards including trading cards, movie night, pizza night, “you pick” dessert, and iTunes cash.
It ended up being a very simple but effective challenge for all of us! IMG_2582.JPG


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  1. I love that you upped the requirements! I bet this strategy would work will for music practice too!

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