Day 10


Hymns are truly on of my favorite things in life.
There is a gentleman in our church family who sings with gusto, and while I’m sure it is off-putting to some, I find it refreshing and encouraging.
I am thankful for them in times of joy and grief. I have found that by concentrating on the hymns sung at a funeral I am comforted. I can sink into the lyrics, the melodies & harmonies.
Hymns are precious treasures.



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2 responses to “Day 10

  1. We rarely sing hymns at my church (though sometimes they are blended into the worship songs) and I do miss them so! I enjoy worship songs too, but years in choir and many years in more traditional worship services have left a deep, deep love of the hymns in me to. I bought hymnals for myself and my girls many years ago (had theirs with their names on the cover and gave the same gift one year for my niece on her first Christmas) and I use them frequently. I LOVE the doctrinal and theological truths in the hymns and the words crafted in such a deep, instructional, and meaningful way. I have favorites that I will sing – my “playlist” of sorts – in the mornings sometimes as part of my quiet time and I also have an instrumental hymns channel on Pandora that I listen to regularly as well.

    And I LOVE hearing men sing out in church! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a beautiful thing!

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