These moments


I spent Friday & Saturday with friends drawing & tracing & carving these sweet stamps. I think it was Saturday evening when I realized I didn’t post {this moment} …
So a few moments & words on this Monday to get back on track.
Simple daily tasks, routine, that’s what our family likes & that’s what has been going on in our home.


Everyone has a laundry day here. Since the youngest two swim twice a week their laundry days fall on swim days. Easy to remember & a simple routine.


Another part of our routine is “Craft Thursday”. Thursday afternoon we tackle some type of art project. Last week was our take on Blue Dog by George Rodrigue



And lessons, every week, three times private & one ensemble day…
That’s our routine. Well, throw in the 3 Rs, devotions, science & history of course.
Did you know it is Lutheran Schools week? I’m ever-so-thankful for ours. This little Lutheran school has changed my life & what I imagined it would be. Thanks be to God!



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2 responses to “These moments

  1. Thank you, Kristin! It was so fun to trace and carve with you and the others! I appreciate your willingness, experience, and patient teaching!!!

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