Running after the ice cream truck

They heard the ice cream truck, but didn’t see it. No matter, they grabbed their stacks of quarters & flip flops & ran. Then asking, “Mom, can we run to the next street?” and I said yes. Almost 11 & 12, independence is beginning to be required.
Still no truck, but that blasted bell ringing somewhere close. I put down my book & go with them. We walked for blocks and never saw it, only heard it.
At this point we were closer to a coffee shop that we’d ever be to the ice cream truck…..

Their hours had changed unbeknownst to us. Good gravy, it’s almost dinner time, hot, sticky, thirsty & disappointed.
But then we round the corner … and yes!


I’m quite positive there is a lesson here.
One of chasing after something long gone?
Or maybe being tenacious?
Never give up!
Quite simply, “follow your dreams”.

I didn’t want to forget this moment in time, this afternoon of lesson learning for me too- drop the book, grab your shoes, go!


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