being sneaky

We have being reading aloud from the Lord of the Rings for the last few weeks. It is very slow going because of the ages & stages of these three…

they have various commitments & required school work, etc.
We end up getting a chapter or two in a week.
My sweet boy is loving this book & about every day reminds me that we could be reading (right now mom!) if everyone were available!
So tonight after he & his sister went to bed I snuck in his room with the book and read a chapter to him. He was against the idea at first, stating it wouldn’t be fair to the girls! But I assured him I wouldn’t skip anything when we read aloud together. Then he wouldn’t let me read past 9:00 because that’s lights out & he wanted to be obedient.
(be still my heart!!)
Oh how fun!!

I’m so not ready for the next several years to fly by.
I’m planning to be sneaky as possible with each of them. Making memories!


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  1. I loved studying Lord of the Rings in school! I hope your kids are enjoying it! I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for stopping in at my blog!

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