Hello Monday

Hello Monday, hello new week.
Hello to some organizing and planning. Suppers for the next two weeks are written out, ingredients bought.

I don’t dare assign a meal to a day, I know better! If I assign spaghetti for Tuesday night, I’ll never want to eat that. I just pick out eight or nine meals & plan those. Only 8/9 leaves days for leftovers, take out, breakfast for dinner, etc.
I’m also spending some time on Pinterest looking for cute room organizing ideas. Every summer while my kids are at camp I gut their rooms & reorganize. They dread and love it at the same time. They are already asking me to not get rid of anything!

But this is a quote I’ve been thinking about & subtly tossing into our conversations,
“When you own less, you take better care of the things you keep in your home….”
So here’s to working on “Good-Bye”
to so many things, slowly but surely.


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