Hello Monday

Hello Monday- right now I won’t say how I really feel about you (sink backed up, garbage disposal broken, unhappy children) what I’ll say instead is….
Hello to grace.
Hello to sitting on the porch with a friend.
Hello to a fresh week, unpleasant beginning and all.
Hello to a new journal



And hello to making this happen. What an excellent list.
Good-bye to some schoolish commitments, hello to a looser schedule.
Good bye to a so-very-quiet weekend. I treasured you.
Hello to listening to Ann Voskamp daily. I have her book, One Thousand Gifts, on my kindle but bought the audio version this weekend & it was well worth it!
Hello to my bestie’s birthday!

I’m thankful for you & I miss our tidbits of time together each week! But I am
so looking forward to our project day!!! That’s our birthday gift to each other this year! A day together to make something, eat some sushi & gab bunches πŸ™‚ can’t wait!


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