Stack of stuff & Lots of links

Today a friend of mine & her daughters came over. The kids immediately took off from the front door straight through the house & out the back.
The mom looked at me and said, “Can I please look at the math you are using?”
Haven’t we all had those days? I’ve certainly wanted to stick my nose into the books lining the shelves at my friends’ homes. So we sat down & looked at math (Teaching textbooks for 4th & 5th grade and Life of Fred math as a supplement, and Kinetic math for high school)
She was so thankful to be able to see it all first hand instead of guessing what it might be like from a website.
Next she wanted to know about language arts. Well, I’ve always been a bit eclectic so I had to pull out a stack of stuff.
( Rip the Page, Language Lessons, English from the roots up, Learning Language through Literature and One Year Adventure Novel for high school )
How often to we need conventions & how often do we need a cup of coffee & a listening ear? How often are we afraid to be judged so we say nothing, or we ask nothing?
I’d just like to encourage you to be willing to allow people to stick their noses in your books. Share what works & what doesn’t. Listen to each other’s struggles. Yes there are conventions & forums & paid professionals, but nothing beats a friend & a cup of coffee.


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