Hello Monday (it’s been awhile)

Hello to spring break! Not something we’ve been known to take yearly. But this year momma knows we need it.
Hello to reading aloud “Lord of the Rings” and then listening to the kids run off to play “Gandalf and Bilbo”
Good bye to the Hunger Games, read in 8 hours! I haven’t done that for years….

I thought the book was okay, could have had a lot more depth to the characters. I did love reading it & then seeing the movie with in 24 hrs while everything was fresh in my mind. I thought the movie did well by the book.

Hello to sprucing up that big blue wall with some pictures. They are nearly all iPhone shots & edited through the instagram app, which I love, and printed through postalpix .
The kids have all counted to make sure each is represented fair and square…and thank goodness they are! However our pup Hopey is the only pet represented.


So you can bet these two will be in the next row!
What is your Monday shaping up to look like? Saying Hello to anything new or Good Bye to something you’ve finished? I’d love to read about it in the comments or on your blog!
I first saw a Hello Monday post at Salt & Chocolate a blog by a very creative momma, Mary Beth. Mary Beth links to Lisa who I believe began the Hello Monday posts.
I enjoy having these themes (like “This moment” on Fridays from Amanda Soule) to keep me blogging when time isn’t always on my side.
Blessings on your week friends!



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2 responses to “Hello Monday (it’s been awhile)

  1. Catherine

    I love your blue wall! Great color! Also love the photos and how you arranged them.

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