Christmas Collections

has a lovely Christmas tour of her house today & it is beautiful! All her sparkles & glittery goodness made me smile this morning.
I looked around my living room and thought I’d share our Christmas collection.

Our live tree, colorful lights & mishmash of ornaments… some handmade, some gifted, some handed down.

Our growing St. Nick collection.

Okay, so candy cane Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s aren’t actually part of our Christmas collection…. but they are a huge part of our Christmas tradition!
So are:

Christmas pajamas

Snowflakes hanging on our ever-changing wall

and the nativity atop the piano.
When I looked at that blog this morning I was so inspired & pumped to plan more decorations, more collections, more, more…
Then I stopped short.
My Pastor has been talking about not spending time & money acquiring things recently. His words rang in my mind.
We don’t need more. Not to judge that beautiful home at all – seriously, I loved it! But I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I did not need to add to our little Christmas collection.
What I did think of was this.
Which led me here –

This year we are buying 2 bibles for children.
It’s a small start, but I think I’d like this collection to grow.



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2 responses to “Christmas Collections

  1. Catherine

    I love your “ever changing wall” idea and would love to see what it looks like at other times of the year. How often do you change it?

    • 3kinder

      I tried to find pictures, but only found one other. I’ll be sure to blog the wall changes this year!
      We usually change it per season. Fall will have leaf rubbings & halloweenish/autumn art work or pictures of the kids. I usually keep a jar of marbles up there for their bright colors.
      I love it!

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