Hello Wednesday/Forgetful me

Yeah, so I totally forgot about a “Hello Monday” post this week. I’d like to say it is rare for me to be forgetful, but that would be a big stinking lie. I have been forgetful since I was very young.
My grandparents would bring my homework/clarinet/gym clothes to me probably once-a-week during the school year. I went on my eighth grade class trip & forgot to save my money for food.. I spent every last penny at the museum & had to borrow $$ for dinner. When I was in 5th grade, the teacher put up a poster of the top 10 reasons why homework doesn’t get done. Someone wrote my name next to “I Forgot.” I kid you not.
Now I am a list writer, a note taker, a reminder programmer… but look, still forgot my Hello Monday post.
I’m so flawed. Thank God I am though!! That’s where I can graciously and gratefully let Jesus take care of me, cleanse me from my mistakes (oh so many) and lead me. Even in my forgetfulness.
So all that to say, “Hello Wednesday”!
Hello to Christmas treats being baked & Christmas gatherings with friends!




Hello to finishing my wrapping and good-bye to spending money on paper!
And hello to lots of coffee. St Nick brought me some from Trader Joe’s this year. Maybe that’s what I’ve needed to aide my forgetfulness all along!


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