Sunday morning thoughts

Lord I believe what You have said;
Help me when doubts assail me;
Remember that I am but dust,
And let my faith not fail me.
Your Supper in this vail of tears
Refreshes me and stills my fears
And is my priceless treasure.
(LSB 622 “Lord Jesus Christ, You Have Prepared”)

The first two lines took my breath away this morning during worship. A morning filled with doubt. How is it possible?
“Remember I am but dust”, is the hymnodist telling me… remember.
Truly he can’t have been reminding the Lord, the Creator.
“and let my faith not fail me” , Oh Lord please- I think this morning- these words…tears form again. I look at the notes, the pew, books & bibles…
“Your Supper in this vail of tears” mine? this moment? No His shed for me.
“refreshes me and and stills my fears and is my priceless treasure”

Stills my fears.

That is relief. My fears were elevating, anxiety crouching nearby. The words catch in my throat, burning.
Hymnodist, you knew.. Samuel from the 1600s. What were your fears?
What did “worldly” mean to you?
To me it means gluttony, indulgence, arrogance, corruption.
Did you see that in the 1600s?

God’s presence in a hymn, palpable.


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