Today I am thankful for the 10 o’clock hour. A curious thing, eh?
Five years ago our family went through some upheaval & I found myself pretty depressed. I needed space, time, peace, and so much more. I needed to reconnect with my kids and my husband.
We took off from school, entirely. We took time away from all homeschool groups & I started each day with hot tea, music & my journal. We did laundry together & laughed at cartoons. We made batches & batches of monkey bread. We painted, spent time drawing, crafting & exploring letter boxing.
And during that time we established 10:00 stop. Everyday at 10:00 we gathered at the kitchen table with snacks, drawing paper, a read aloud, devotion book & the bible. It was my healing balm…and began a treasured family ritual.
10:00 stop continues today, even though our schedule has filled back up with lessons, classes, and co-op. Some weeks it only happens on Monday, but we relish that time, it is our Holy Time.
Our current book stack looks like this-


Including a devotional that my grandmother gave me when I was 7 years old.


“Kristin Cameron
Dear Kristin! This book was given to me a long time ago, by a very dear lady, who is now in heaven. The book has meant much to me and I surely hope it will to you. Read it.
I love you.
Grandma Cameron

A true treasure.




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3 responses to “GTED 10

  1. And while 10:00 stop has blessed you, it has certainly blessed others as well! What a wonderful tradition!

  2. Amy @ Hope Is the Word

    I love this!

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