Week in review

This has been a week of baking, which happens to be my favorite fall activity. My grandma Cameron (Rhea) was an amazing cook, and she taught me the importance of being a mom in the kitchen. She would cook, I would do dishes, we would talk.
We talked about:
doing hair
and so much more…
She was a beautician for 50 years & I was for 11. I can’t hold a candle to her experience but I learned so much from her.
Sunday dinners were hugely important to her. The whole family around her table, everything from the fridge out on the table including jello & pickled beets. ( my father always offers us picked beets now, so funny!) She would do as much work as possible Saturday so she would keep the Sabbath holy. She would even lay Sunday’s tablecloth under Saturday’s. Though she was never rude, she might have been known to frown at the neighbor’s laundry on the line Sunday afternoon.
She had some self-imposed rules for certain, but she didn’t count on her “works” to save her. She knew her salvation came in Christ alone.
God used her to fill in the gaps for me. My mom taught me many things but cooking isn’t one of them. Bless her heart, she’d much rather pay for a meal than make one 🙂

Here are the week’s highlights:
Tuesday (my mother’s 65th birthday) I made crockpot BBQ chicken, (pepsi is my secret ingredient!!) served with buns, mashed potatoes & green beans. We had a caramel apple cheesecake for dessert.
Trust me, follow the link..make the cheesecake.
You’ll thank me.


I had a basket of apples from my mother-in-law’s tree just waiting to be made into apple pie filling. I had never done it before but it was so worth it! I have had enough for the cheesecake, one pie & still some in the freezer. (I spent Monday morning making the pie filling)


Saturday was “pie” day!
Hubby finished the apple pie while I worked on the pizza pie.

I made the crust from scratch using my great grandmother’s bowls.
My grandma Klausmeier (Amelia) passed away recently & my mom was super thoughtful when going through her house. She saved all kinds of things like these bowls for me. Tins, crocks, her calendar with all kinds of memories recorded on it, her rings.. I’m so thankful to have these little things.


In-between the apples & the pizza there was mac & cheese, breakfast-for-dinner & nachos..not nearly as exciting but quick and easy.
Yet, even those quick & easy days my kids were in the kitchen with me & my hubby too. We talked about Jesus, school, games, and so much more…
My grandmas helped to set a standard for me that I haven’t really thought much about until today. And my mom too by supplying me with the things I needed to make it all happen this week. That touches my heart & makes me want to be more purposeful in the kitchen every day.



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2 responses to “Week in review

  1. Liz

    Welcome back! You perspective is always inspiring!

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