right now …

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 That’s about right…. not that I’m trying to be super mom, but that I feel as busy as this mom looks! Thankfully I don’t have the teen attitude or the yelling husband. What a different season of life I am in right now that I have even been in before. I love it, but when I have some down time I find myself resting, not blogging, drawing, or reading as I have before.  Do you find yourself in a new season? Was it hard to let go of what you “used to do”?  I am not opposed to letting go, but sometimes it takes me a while to realize that is what needs to happen.

 Right now we are busy







praying & praising

Schooling ~ every day though the hours are hardly ever the same. Today for example, right now Grace & I  should be studying science while Lucy & Parker have quiet reading time. We’ll get there, but right now Grace is having a meeting in our kitchen with three other members of the student council from their co-op.  

Swimming ~ every Tuesday and Thursday morning for Lucy & Parker. We leave at 7:15 and get home around 9:00.  It is a fantastic program led by an awesome coach.  It is an early start & a bit chaotic when we get home, but well worth the time.

Teaching ~ I have been teaching beginning piano for several years on Wednesday morning, but this year I started teaching beginning guitar at our co-op as well. I also have a couple of students who meet with me every-other week . When I started teaching “Rhythm & Rhyme” ( a music theory class for young kids) 7 years ago I never dreamed I would do anything like what I am now.We’re all constantly learning & growing!

Learning ~ the kids are still taking their music lessons. Parker still has two lessons a week, and the girls each one. Lucy’s violin teacher is moving away soon & so we’ll have to find someone new.  She will be crushed, so I’m praying that her new teacher is gentle and personable.

Considering ~ Jonathan and I have been asked to be members on the board of the local homeschooling community. It is an honor to be asked, but there is so much to think about. It will be out of my comfort zone (for sure) if we do join…. yet, aren’t we called to do things out of our comfort zone?? 

Forming ~ I am on a team for an upcoming retreat weekend. We meet every Thursday from 5:30-9:30 to prepare. I will have the joy of leading 3 or 4 ladies during the retreat, and giving a short talk on “Ideal”. It was a real challenge for me to write that talk. It is easy for me to float from day-to-day, doing what I do instead of having some focus, some goals, for the day and have an ultimate ideal to attain. What about you? Are you flying by the seat of your pants too?

Praying & Praising ~ Oh I am so thankful to be witnessing the things the Lord is doing right now. My dad has stopped running from God and has been seeking Him. I am so blessed to witness the changes in his life. Dad has always been sooo sweet & kind, but so quiet & unassuming. Not one to rock the boat. Now he is stepping up and taking leadership, being the true head of the household! He is also learning to turn his eyes to Jesus. Last week he had to have a scan because it appeared as if his lymphoma had returned. Today we found out that while some of his lymph nodes were swollen everything is still very slow-growing & he will not have to face chemo or any other meds right now. This is a huge praise!

    So much going on, but it’s good to stop here right now and record some memories. 




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4 responses to “right now …

  1. Holly

    You certainly have a lot going on, but it sounds exciting.

    I am trying (always) to find the right balance. Right now, it seems the schooling portion has become a monster and needs to be tamed by the family/mom/wife portion. Looking to streamline.

    We’ve also become part of a great RL group the past year/year and half, which is new for us, and also needs balancing, how to balance the time spent with “old” friends” and work in the time with new friends, without running in circles :-). But it’s a nice problem to have.

    • 3kinder

      It’s always good to hear from you Holly! I totally hear you about the schooling monster that rears it’s head. We can certainly get trapped by that “schedule”….
      Oh & what is an RL group?

  2. It sure seems that the pace of life has upped a notch or two! This was a great way to share what was happening. Now that you list everything, it is so easy to notice the ‘new additions’ and even more in the way of possibilities. I bet you can hardly way for summer!!!

    Blessings on your week!

    • 3kinder

      You’re right Liz, so many blessings in the business. But summer….. oh sounds wonderful!!
      love you lots friend!!

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