counting down the days

Another busy week… it’s to be expected this time of year, right?
 I was thinking about my Four Simple Goals the other day & thought I should check to see if I am living up to what I promised myself.  I’m pretty pleased with the first goal,  “get crafty with the kids”. We did finish the pumpkins we had started & they were an adorable decoration for Thanksgiving. We also did Christmas school and there were some sweet projects included.

 The sled is made from a recycled cracker box that we gessoed & painted. Then I hot glued on the candy cane runners & filled it up! And the bag is super easy too. I did see that somewhere online & I apologize for not being able to give credit where credit is due, but I didn’t save the website. I actually just remember the bag!

 The second goal was to write or sketch every week. That totally has not happened. I made these goals in August & I didn’t take into everything into account. Meaning.. well, what I find is that I can focus on one or two things and do them well, but if I have several little projects going they are dropped. The two big things I am focusing on right now are our home school & my teaching job at the co-op. There will be another time for sketching & writing… I even have an idea for the new year which might work out ~ however, I’m going to cut myself some slack & not be too bummed about  missing that goal.

 The third goal was to put a chunk of change on our credit card each month. I was mostly successful with this one ~ I think I one month went by with just the minimum payment. I’m still pleased & cannot wait to get rid of the thing!!

 The fourth goal was to take some time for peace. I’m happy to say that has gone really well! One thing that I found works for me is to gather up my lesson plans for my music students & head to the bookstore on Monday nights. I usually get some kind of a snack & sit there for a couple of hours planning. It has been really nice to be ahead of the classes & to have that time alone.

 Here are a few other pictures from the last week ~ sadly, all taken on my cell phone. It is just so much easier to grab & use!! I need to just grab my camera & stick it in my bag!! LOL

 Lucy played the Santa at our Christmas gathering with Jonathan’s family this past weekend. She was so excited!!

 and this is Grace & her boyfriend Caleb at Christmas school. Yep, we have our first boyfriend! Thankfully we know him really well & love him a lot!


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