The Tom Sawyer Birthday!

Parker decided way back in spring that he wanted his birthday party

to be a “Tom Sawyer” party this year. Truth be told,

I wasn’t even going to have a friend party for him… but who can resist

such an excellent idea??

It was his idea that everyone dress up in “old-time clothes”

and I thought we could play either games that

related to the story of Tom Sawyer or games

that Tom would have played when he was a kid.

In the photo above they are playing, “Button Button Who’s Got the Button”.

(they are on the newly finished floor ~ did you notice?)

We also played Frog Detective which was one

of the kids’ favorite games.

Then we went outside where I had chairs already

set up to play “Winkum” which was a smashing success!

Then we came inside for some

cave (fort) building!

Parker’s friend Jackson hiding out

I’m sure this must be Tom & Huck!

It was a great birthday!!



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4 responses to “The Tom Sawyer Birthday!

  1. Holly

    Happy Birthday! That looks like a great party!

  2. Catherine

    Dude! You should have let them white wash your fence. 🙂 Great party!!

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