A Quiet Halloween

 Halloween is always a super busy day for us. We drive around & visit old neighbors, each of the grandparents, trick or treat several of their neighborhoods… etc. This year, however, I decided to call it all & we stayed home!  Lucy & Parker trick or treated in our own neighborhood & they all carved pumpkins & gourds.

                                                                                                 Parker got out every single “spooky” pez he could find to decorate our porch!

every single "scary" pez we own :-)

the goddess Athena and an Jedi



  It was a really nice quiet day ~ that evening Grace’s friend Elizabeth came over & we prepared for Parker’s birthday today! For the last several years Elizabeth has come over the evening before Lucy & Parker’s birthday. She and Grace stay up after L & P have gone to bed and they hid all their presents and either write out clues to where they are or make a treasure map. L & P are always soooo very excited! I’m pretty sure Parker was up by 5 this morning! (he had to wait until 7 to wake us all)  The girls made a huge fort downstairs ( which is all done & I will be putting up “after” pictures soon~!) and had his gifts hidden all around & inside it. Then we met with my parents & had breakfast together at Cracker Barrel (another “Parker birthday tradition”).   Good times!!



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2 responses to “A Quiet Halloween

  1. hjdong

    Sounds like fun. I wish we lived in a place we could ToT although the neighbor and I have agreed to trade houses next year.

    We went to a friend’s, which was fun, but crazy driving home.

    Happy birthday, Parker. Sounds like some great traditions.

  2. Catherine

    Happy birthday, Parker!

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