You probably think I forgot…

And truthfully, I did forget… but to be fair our Thursday turned super busy. We met with friends for dinner ~ that’s one thing for which I am thankful! I love meeting with this family.. they have 8-year-old twin boys & an older boy ( I think he is around 10). The dad is a Lutheran Pastor in our area & we grew up together.  We have decided to meet every Thursday for dinner, swapping houses. Whose ever house we meet at will provide a crock pot meal. The guests will bring a side & dessert. Brilliant right? We’re also going to start studying 1 John. Breaking bread together & being in God’s word ~ doesn’t get better than that!

 I am also thankful for a wonderful day trip this past Monday.

Grace & I and my friend Liz & her girls jumped into the van early Monday morning & drove three hours north. It was a great day full of laughter, shopping, coffee & froothies, & meandering.

 Sadly, I found out that my husband’s grandmother passed away this morning. She had dementia for many years & we knew her health was declining. So while it wasn’t a surprise, it is never easy. My mother-in-law was able to be with her during her last hours & shared Psalm 24 with her. I am positive that was a blessing for the both of them. I am thankful that Pam got that time with her mom & that Jonathan was able to drive her to the hospital in IL last night. God’s timing is always perfect.



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2 responses to “You probably think I forgot…

  1. Holly

    I’m sorry about your husband’s grandmother, even if it was expected.

    How nice to have a family for dinner/faith sharing. That sounds great!

    What is a froothie? Fruit smoothie? But then, how is that different from a smoothie?

    • 3kinder

      Thank you Holly. And yes, a froothie was just a fruit smoothie… they were really
      yummy! I guess “froothies” just set that coffee shop apart from the others 🙂

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