Thankful Thursday

 One of my friends has a habit of recording her thanksgivings each Thursday  ~ I think I’ll join her.

Lucy & Parker spend every Wednesday morning with my parents while I teach piano to my four sweet students. I am so thankful that L&P have that special time with my folks and I am also so blessed to have my students. They range in age from 7 – 16  and I really enjoy our lesson time.

Yesterday after I picked up the kids &  put their books away, I found this:

it’s a list of affirmations for me that they each contributed to! Oh my goodness do I feel blessed & encouraged.

 I am also thankful today for my good friend Jewell. She is 10 years older than me & always willing to listen & give quiet, solid advice. What else can a girl ask for?



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2 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Catherine

    🙂 Great to see you doing this, too! :))

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