Remember my four simple goals post from last month? I have a bit of an update!

1) The first of my four goals was to “get crafty” with the kids and we started on that one today! Kathy Barbro at Art Projects for Kids always has a gazillion great posts & ideas. Recently I saw this one for Mache Pumpkin from Plastic Bags & I knew that would kick-start my crafty goal.

 So here is phase one ~ the little pumpkin-to-be has about 20 bags in it, the bigger one has 40. They are waiting for more rubber bands (how sad is it that we have over 100 plastic bags, but only 6 rubber bands?) . I am so thrilled to be using up these bags that have been sitting in our laundry room for years!

2)The second goal was to write or sketch every week. I knew better than to say every day, I must set realistic goals after all. I have been able to work on one project weekly & it is centered around a little girl, a rabbit & a garden. I have several sketches started & waiting for watercolors. My currently plan is to make a picture book of them for Lucy for Christmas!

3) Goal three was putting a chunk of cash on a credit card & I am happy to report that I have done it! I am so thankful!!

4) And finally the fourth goal of taking some time for peace. My walking & running time has been squelched, but I have been keeping aware of my days & not letting them merge from one to the other. Truthfully, it is a busy time and this year especially will continue to be busy.  Just setting the goal here though, helps me to maintain peace of mind.


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