~A day in the life ~

 Now that we are in full swing of homeschooling highschool as well as two younger I though I would share a “day in the life” .  It goes along with back to school book week too!

 That’s about right!

 So our days actually vary quite a bit because we have lessons some days, grace has babysitting  jobs some days & we are in a co-op on Fridays.  Parker has been taking cello lessons for two years but his teacher is adamant that he continue having two short lessons a week, instead of just one. I totally understand the theory behind that, but after two years I have to say I am looking forward to just one lesson per week!
At any rate, here is all our extra stuff:

Monday ~ Grace & Parker both have cello lessons in the afternoon, they take an hour & 15 minutes.

Tuesday ~ Lucy & Parker have swimming early in the morning (it is a “swim for fitness” program for homeschooled kids. extremely rigorous & like a swim team practice), Grace babysits for my god-daughter until we get home & then heads to church to babysit for the ladies bible study. She walks to church & works there for an hour & half.

Wednesday ~ I teach piano students in the morning, then Parker has his second cello lesson in the afternoon.

Thursday ~ Grace watches my god-daughter & then we have either a field trip (once or twice a month), or a once-a-month book club for Grace.. sometimes we are lucky & don’t have either!

Friday ~ our fine arts co-op is from 9 until 3. Grace only takes one class so we are really hoping she can get schoolwork done there. Lucy has three classes, Parker has two & I teach two. It is a very busy day!

 So typical is relative… I suppose Monday, Tuesday & Thursday are all similar.. Wednesday just starts late, after I get done teaching. It goes something like this:

6:30 Grace & I walk for her gym credit (endurance training)

8:30- 10:00 Grace starts her reading for the day & will rotate through these books through out the week:  The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, the Age of Revolution by  Winston S. Churchill & Three by Ted Dekker. Those books are for her core curriculum (Ambleside Online) as well as her book club.

9:00 Lucy & Parker rotate practicing their instruments (Lucy plays violin). While one is practicing the other does their math program. We are currently using  Teaching Textbooks for grade 4.

10:00 stop. This time is reserved for our devotion time. The kids wrap up what they are working on, as do I. We gather at the table & read our devotional book (right now it is the Gospel According to Harry Potter), a chapter from scripture, and our prayer-book. There is usually as snack involved & discussion. We also do group spelling then & are working through the Apples book right now.

11:00 Grace has math (we sit & do it together) & Lucy will read her book for her book club. They have gone through all the little house on the prairie books & are now going through the “Rose” series books, written by Laura Ingalls grandson I believe.

12:00 Grace practices her cello & I prep lunch

1:00 Grace works on her worldview curriculum, Starting Points, & Lucy has more reading time. She is reading about Indiana History this year, as well as The Jungle book & Little Women. Parker has reading time with me & right now we are reading Homer Price!

1:30 Lucy & Parker have science (Exploring Creation with Astronomy)

2:00 or after will be Grace’s science (Principles, Theories & Precepts of Biology) 

 We usually try to walk or swim three times a week for gym class & there is a writing course (100 days of Writing) that I am doing with Lucy & Grace once a week.

 I am pleased with how everything has fallen into place this year, because trust me I was really nervous about homeschooling high school!


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