Four Simple Goals


Adorable Elsie at A Beautiful Mess  is encouraging everyone to set four simple goals to be reached before 2011. I was actually thinking along the same lines and decided this was a perfect time to join up with some others! 

She shares some very simple guidelines.. which is really perfect. These goals are to be attainable after all!

1) get crafty with the kids ~ Grace & I have had a great summer of art journaling with her friends! But I haven’t done much with Lucy or Parker. I have been inspired by sculpture lately and I would love to delve into a sculpture project with them.

This photo shows two of the things I have on my dream list!

2) write or sketch every week~ I have so many story ideas, drawings & paintings filling  my journals that one day I hope to publish a children’s book. I have already written one for Grace & one on the way for Lucy (it’s for her birthday Sept 1st, hopefully!). I was totally inspired by Tasha Tudor who wrote, illustrated & bound stories for her children when they were young.

3) in keeping with a dream that I have of finally being debt free I am trying to put a chunk of cash on the credit card each month. In July I was very successful & I pray that I can do that each of the 5 months left in this year!

4) take time for peace ~ continue to be in scripture & prayer, walk & run, blog & have some time for me. One thing in life I hate is being so busy that I wake up feeling like I just went to bed, that the new day is a continuation of the previous day.. that there was no time to reflect, enjoy, relax or feel any sort of peacefulness. But if I make a conscious effort to breathe & take some time my days are much more beautiful!


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