Somehow these two were blessed with an incredible sense of balance. They can play the Wii for a while & then be okay with stopping and moving on to something else. They can watch a movie or some cartoons, play on the computer or their Nintendo DS and then spend hours making up their own games, stories, adventures. Are there times when they fuss at me for telling them to turn off the electronics, or telling them no when they ask  if they can watch something on the dvd player in the van? (why else buy a van with a dvd player unless you are going to enjoy it? really.) Sure, there are times when they fuss or whine. But the larger percentage of the time they accept what I say without question. Is it anything I’ve done? I don’t believe so. The only thing I could claim is that I’ve grown into a fairly calm parent (FAIRLY, not totally… stop rolling your eyes…..) and with calm parenting comes calm kids. Aside from that I can only say what I stated at the beginning, these two have been blessed with an incredible sense of balance. 



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