finding digit


 Last Saturday evening  I pulled up Facebook to see that one of my friends was missing her dog. She lives very close to us so I thought it was worth it for Grace & I to look around for “Digit”. The poor pup had been gone for four hours, which really meant he could have been anywhere but we kept our hopes up. I told Grace that I knew he was terribly frightened of storms & thunder,  looked at a picture online and headed out the door. We drove right by my friend Bobbi while she was out looking. I felt so sorry for her, she was teary eyed.  I thought about her youngest daughter and knew how hard it would be for them to sleep that night not knowing if their dog was safe. We spent time looking around the neighborhoods behind their house, down the highway & ended up  back around our house because Grace had a theory that once the dog crossed a busy street he wouldn’t cross back, he’d be too nervous from all the noise. At one point I was pretty far west from their home and Grace thought I was really too far away. The dog would have had to cross a really busy street and then find a small place to squeeze through a fence to be where we were looking. She was right, there really wasn’t anyway for him to be that far out, so I turned around and we drove back to the area behind Bobbi’s home.  After about an hour it was getting dark & though I hated to stop, but it was going to be really difficult to find a black dog by driving around. So I turned around & headed home. Suddenly Grace saw something in a doorway. I couldn’t see anything & I was in the middle of the road so I had to let her get out & drive further on to turn around. I was so nervous. I had to let her out at what looks like an abandoned frat house near the college campus!  I turned around as quickly as I could,  pulled into the drive, hopped out & found Grace trying to calm a very nervous black dog! We didn’t even know if it was Digit yet at this point, because he was pacing & barking & so worked up.  I walked up to them, smiled really big & in my biggest, sweetest voice said, “Are you Digit?”. Right away Grace corrected me, “Mom, put your keys away, close your mouth, you’ll scare him even more. We have to be calm and quiet.” I wasn’t even thinking at all about how this nervous dog could react. She was on top of it though, she was calm and knew just what needed to be done. She calmed the dog down enough that we could check his tags & make sure we had the right pup. And we did! She found Digit!  We called their house & then I put out a plea on Facebook for someone to get a hold of Bobbi and let her know.  We didn’t have a leash, but I called my parents and they brought one right away. Then we headed over to Bobbi’s house and waited for them to come home.  It was so sweet to see them pull into the drive and hear shouts of joy when they saw their dog.  I know that God played a hand in the entire event. For me to even think that we should go out & look was a God thing, then for Grace glance up at the old frat house (she said it always catches her eye because the greek letters are lit up), amazing. Bobbi has thanked us many many times & treated our family to ice cream.  It was an incredible blessing for Grace & I to be a part of bringing  joy to their family.



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3 responses to “finding digit

  1. That is really great news. It breaks my heart when animals get lost, and I’m so relieved when they are found again.

  2. How clever! Just seeing a stray dog worries me so, and to know that people care that much to go on a search for a friend’s dog… heartwarming.

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