the resolutions decide themselves

Often it is extremely difficult to carve time out for me. Or, often I feel guilty for carving time out for me. This year I received a free day planner from Mission India that has a read-through-the-Bible schedule set  for each day. Even though I didn’t know how I would fit that in every day, I knew it is something I need to do, something I want to do. Therefore,  I decided it would be a bit of a “resolution”.   

 Around the same time, I found the idea of recording “1,000 gifts”. The idea came from this amazing blog .  It is a type of gratitude journal. I made one for my parents by covering a composition journal with scrapbook paper, similar to this one I did last year:  

composition notebooks turned into journals


 I also made one for myself and will use it to record my 1,000 gifts as well as use it as an art journal. Art journals  can be found here .  

And lastly, there ended up being a “resolution” that tied the above two ideas together… the whole family is giving up screen time between 5 & 7 each evening. During that time I will be able to get in my reading & journaling! Time carved out magically…all on it’s own.


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