I have been reading though other blogs & their end/beginning of the year posts. I’ve seen everything from Favorite Moment of 2009 to Happy New Year! Happy Thresholds! looking both back into the past, and on into the future.

 There have been years that I have been so very glad to see come to an end… years that I gladly embrace Jan. 1st. I read this morning that it is a tradition to open the front door of your house to let in the new year and the back door to let the old year out. I kind of  like that symbolism. There have been years I’d have kicked that back door open.

  If I look back on 2009, I’m happy. If I look back over the last 10 years, I’m a tad overwhelmed.. 10 years ago I was one month pregnant with Lucy. And had reached one full year of grieving Jesse Faith’s death.  (our sweet baby lost to a terrible birth defect)

Grace and tiny baby Lucy

as I look forward to 2010 I’m excited, and to the next 10 years.. oh my.. I can’t even begin to imagine… Grace will be 23, Lucy 19 and Parker 18. What drastic changes can take place.. (not to mention I’ll be 49!!!)

    There are changes for 2010. Resolutions made, ideas  blossoming, creative waters stirring… changes.   Oh I do like a new year.



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  1. hjdong

    This year (well, last year now), I would happily kick the door out. But, I have high hopes for 2010.

    Have a wonderful year.

  2. Catherine

    I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Jesse Faith! I guess we have known each other for 12 or maybe 13 years now!

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