Today’s lesson for me ~ it still takes time, patience, understanding…no matter how old I am. No matter how much time I have taken off, no matter what my expectations are ~ it still takes time.

it takes time mom.
got it.

~Thank you for your encouraging and loving words ~



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2 responses to “lessons

  1. hjdong

    O.k., so I take it you’re not happy. Yeah, I might not be. Probably wouldn’t be.

    Allow me to confess. To this day, I wish I had dyed my hair blue when I was young enough to do it, when it wouldn’t have mattered. I don’t know why. To have done it. And the time is long gone. Now, if I ever have blue hair, it will be old lady blue hair LOL.

    Good luck.

    • 3kinder

      I don’t mind the color (infact, I did it for her)
      It was myself and my lack of patience that I wasn’t happy about. We had a rough week last week & the look on Grace’s face says it all!!
      At least we had fun hair! I did put a small streak of blue in my hair!!! But it washed out already & didn’t show much…. I suspect it did look a bit like old lady blue hair at that. lol!

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